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Our Services

We provide solutions by navigating complex global issues, identifying viable opportunities and proposing strategies and actionable plans that enhance the political, social and economic relationships between government and business.




We help our partners traverse a country’s unique political and legislative system by providing strategic, results-driven counsel to policy makers at all levels of authority.

Our team of lobbyists and subject-matter experts have relationships with influential members of the U.S. government, international organizations, the global diplomatic community, as well as international non- and intergovernmental organizations. 

Dedicated to understanding a deep knowledge of the issues in complex environments, we are proficient in formulating positions that most effectively explain your perspective, and thus the ability to advance your goals. 

We reach the right people.

International Business Development



Penetrating a new market can be daunting, whether it’s entering the U.S, or a U.S.-based firm looking to expand overseas.

Our team of experienced professionals will pilot through the complexities of doing business globally, including insights involving cultural diversities, foreign currency management and unique geopolitical systems.

We recommend proposed courses of action in which to operate your enterprise in difficult or problematic surroundings by helping to identify target markets, potential competitors and even select ideal locations, all while making sure your company and product appropriately acclimate to the customs of the country.

As part of this effort, we also manage the legal and regulatory requirements in both local and national environments, while interfacing with appropriate agents, distributors, and partners.

We successfully guide you through an unknown marketplace.




Our team of global outreach experts are well versed at developing astute messaging that resonates with specific target audiences or the public at-large.

Working closely with you to understand your objectives, we determine the best means by which to present consequential information to the media, stakeholders or policy makers, both in-country and in the U.S.


Whether through the development of an editorial piece, news release, talking points or speech, your voice will be seen and heard. 

Recommending the right combination of communication and branding applications, including the use of digital marketing, social media and personal interaction, our team will help tell your story in a way that achieves the effects you desire.

We speak your language.

Campaigns & Advocacy



Adept at connecting with a targeted audience or the general populace, we have the expertise to plainly, yet persuasively present your position in a political race or ballot measure issue.


Whether supporting the status quo, inspiring change or correcting misinformation, our team utilizes marketplace research and launches messaging that addresses vital perspectives.


We develop strategic outreach plans that feature the right combination of delivery platforms, including social, digital, press or other mediums to achieve a clear path for victory.


We drive your message.

Security Services



Our team of experts employ their deep knowledge and vast experience, which includes posts with the State Department, the Interagency, the Department of Defense and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, to assist and guide our clients on security related projects and endeavors, both domestically and internationally.
From training, strategy, and policy, to security and risk assessments, and even full-scale investigations, our skills, focus and execution are truly world class.
We secure your interests.



Your brand is your reputation! In today’s environment, a successful brand doesn’t just impart a positive impression, but is consistent in its engagement and communication with its audience and customers, building a relationship that solidifies your brand’s purpose and value.
Our capabilities and efforts include those you are accustomed to, such as social media, public relations, research, and marketing. However, we are comprehensive in that our outreach and diplomatic capabilities extend from the U.S. government to foreign governments.
We lift your brand, and keep it elevated.

Brand & Image Building
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