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Business Across Borders 

Leveraging Experience, Expertise, and Diplomacy. 

Are you considering international expansion for your business? Gainful Solutions can help you capitalize on international opportunities. Our team of experienced professionals can help you navigate the complexities of doing business internationally. Differences in culture, currency and governments are just a few potential issues and roadblocks you can face. We identify proposed courses of action to navigate problematic environments, and help facilitate contacts.  You can count on us to provide a full service response to your needs. 

Entering Foreign Markets

  • Market research, marketing plans, and business plans for international firms thinking about entering the U.S. market, as well as U.S. firms looking to expand outside of the U.S. 

  • Help in identifying and dealing with national and local legal and regulatory agencies

  • Identifying issues and interfacing with appropriate agents, distributors, and partners.

  • English language business plans for companies wishing to access U.S. and other major capital markets

International Business Planning 

  • Business and marketing plans for governments or companies that desire to enter or expand in international markets. 

  • Market research, identifying target markets, competitors, culture and product fit. 

  • Product Sourcing - guidance and business plans for off-shoring or outsourcing of services, products and manufacturing

  • Determining the best locations for sourcing based on existing markets and trade environments

  • Identifying potential partners and advising on decisions and agreements

International Operations

  • Guidance on how to structure businesses to optimize worldwide operations, as well as identify and interface with key officials and regulatory agencies.

  • Assistance setting up financial infrastructure for multi-national, multi-currency operations

  • Assistance identifying and managing currency and other risks associated with international operations

  • Speeches and workshops at your workplace or conference